génoise with chocolate ganache.

ok so i’ve decided to start making my way through this book baking by james peterson.  it’s really a great cookbook for people who like to bake at home and have more courage in the kitchen than they have the right to.  it’s got a ton of step by step photo recipes, which i love because i’m always worried that the way it looks for me is not how it’s supposed to.  i made the first recipe in the book-basic french sponge cake {génoise}. after researching online to see if my cake had fallen or if it was really supposed to be as small as it came out {to my delight-it is supposed to be that small}, i discovered this is actually italian, named after the city of genoa, but related to french cuisine as well.  at least that’s what wikipedia told me, not that i really care either way, but i’m sure the french and italians have their opinions on it.  what is really surprising to me is that it only has 4 ingredients: eggs, sugar, cake flour and melted butter.  i decided to make it with the creamy chocolate frosting {crème d’or}, but since i was busy taking pictures of the cake in the living room {the only place in my apartment with good camera light}, i overwhipped the heavy cream and ended up with a ganache instead of frosting.  i also attempted to test out my piping bag, which as you’ll see didn’t come out so great, but i call this my “what the hell-let’s try everything we can to eff this up” cake.  it came out ok-not my bag, next time i will definitely make two layers rather than slicing one in half so there is more cake because the ganache is pretty overpowering.  for someone who loves to bake as much as me i’m not a huge chocolate person.  in a very small slice portion with a tall glass of cold milk, though-it was very good. 


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