plum raspberry preserves {sweet melissa sundays}.

i very much enjoyed this week’s recipe, hosted by margo of effort to deliciousness, excellent pick.  i think i enjoyed it because i have never made preserves before { and } it made plenty to be able to share with quite a few people.  i bought some small jars, split it up { and } spread it out.  head over to margo’s blog for the recipe. 










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16 thoughts on “plum raspberry preserves {sweet melissa sundays}.

  1. Yum. What a gorgeous color your preserves have. Homemade preserves are a perfect way to enjoy fruit. I also made a batch of peach preserves the other day on my blog.

  2. Looks sooo delicious! I didn’t join you guys this week because I was busy with my friend’s daughter’s b-day party. I made a cupcake tower and am baking the cupcakes as I type. The party is this afternoon. Anyways…I too have never made preserves and would love to give it a try one day.

    BTW, your pics are gorgeous! Especially love the one with the raspberry =)

  3. I would love to try this jam. Can you direct me to Margo’s blog. I couldn’t find a link on your site.
    New jam crazy woman

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