candy corn cake { happy halloween }.

i’m back.  from a blog break, you could say.  not necessarily from a baking break.  just blogging.  i have been baking.  i made some old-fashioned chewy molasses cookies for a pumpkin carving party that were a hit.  i made the previous posts’ milk chocolate cookies a few times.  { and } a handful of other things, here { and } there.  i have honestly just had a busy month.  busy at work.  at home.  with family.  with friends.  you name it, it’s been going on this month.  all good things, though, so i’m not complaining.  but it feels good to be back to the blog.

i love baking.  just for fun.  it relaxes me.  { and } i love to challenge myself with decorating because i’m not very good at it, but i’m getting better.  it’s funny to me that people tend to think things like this cake are fancy just because they’re home-made.  trust me, i have made many a cookies that are  w a y  easier than your standard chocolate chip cookie recipe.  go outside your comfort zone people, try a new cookie.  or cupcake.  or cake.  you won’t regret it.

i found this recipe in my friend irene’s magazine collection.  it’s from a land ‘o lakes harvest baking magazine, { and } i knew i wanted to make it as soon as i saw it.  unfortunately, i made it last night so i don’t have any step-by-step photos, but i am damn proud of this cake.  i went with the cuisine at home old-fashioned chocolate cake,  paired with the land o lakes frosting recipe.  this cake is not fancy, just time consuming.  typically when i make something that looks on the fancy side, like this-the conversation goes something like:

yes i made it.  no, it’s not box cake mix.  yes, really, it’s from scratch.  no, i don’t bake for a living.  no, i don’t want to open a bakery.  yes, i just do it for fun { and } give it away.  yes, i can make you something – what do you like?

side note: my favorite disney movie is a bug’s life, { and } every time i look at these pictures i think of heimlich.  “candy corn!  here let me help you to finish it.”  yes, i’m a grown adult – don’t judge, it’s a good movie.

p u r e  sugar.

cake is super easy – combine dry ingredients.

whisk together.

combine wet ingredients in a measuring cup.

slowly whisk wet into dry.

there will be some lumps.

bake in two 9″ x 2″ cake pans, coated with non-stick spray.

moist, delicious, old-fashioned chocolate cake.

 candy corn!

believe it or not, the piping was the easiest part.

5 thoughts on “candy corn cake { happy halloween }.

  1. Nikki, I’m glad to see you are back blogging. Your molasses cookies were delicious. This cake gives me a sugar high just viewing it. I bet it would be great with some really strong coffee.

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