soft pretzels.

one of the things i enjoy about this blog is visiting other blogs for inspiration.  for recipes.  for photography.  for anything, really.  i follow some more than others, but am always up for discovering new ones.  the ones that i follow most are a chica bakes {eliana makes some amazing food, both latin and otherwise.  her writing is superb.  and she’s super sweet}, joy the baker {joy is  h i l a r i o u s.  and super, super talented}, smitten kitchen {deb is one of, if not the first food blog i followed.  her photography and creativity are unmatched}, { and } roost {coco is a very, very sweet woman.  her blog design and photography are top notch, too}.  most recently i started following baked bree {she’s awesomely talented.  her photography and versatility are what got me hooked on her blog}.  bree is where i got the recipe and idea to try these pretzels.  they are in the top five of things i’m most proud of making for the blog.  lots of steps {which always seems multiplied when taking step by step photos}, but absolutely worth it.  they are just as delicious warm with mustard as they are brushed with melted butter { and } dipped in cinnamon sugar.  you can find the recipe here.  i’m also trying something new with the step-by-step photos by putting them in a slideshow.  not sure what i think of it yet.




keep an eye on your mixer.  it will make it’s way off the counter if you don’t.












i barely made it in time to get decent pictures before it got dark.  i very much enjoy baking for the blog more in the summer.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

step by step.

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