chocolate peppermint cookies.

the holidays are officially over.  my kitchen that just a few short weeks ago housed 12 pounds of butter, 6 pounds of cream cheese, 5 dozen eggs, 20 pounds of brown, granulated { and } powdered sugar { and } 8 pounds of flour has slowly dwindled to near nothing.  { and } thank god.  i’m finally back to normal – not running my dishwasher, cleaning my counters, { and } sweeping my floors all day long.  as i’ve previously mentioned, i bake for christmas gifts { and } this year was no different.  i made many, many cookies of all different kinds.  to name most of them – peanut butter bars, christmas toffee, peanut butter truffles, hot chocolate cookies, vanilla meringue swirls, lemon wreaths, blueberries { and } cream cookies, merry mocha cookies, double chocolate espresso cookies, german chocolate toffee cookies { and } these chocolate peppermint cookies.  there was no way i could photograph to blog them all.  i wish i had taken pictures, minimally, of the finished products, but just ran out of time.  these cookies, along with the blueberries { and } cream, were my favorite of the 2010 baking marathon.  think girl scout thin mint cookies.  or the marshall field’s/macy’s chocolate covered peppermint cookies.  they are  d a m n  good.  it’s a martha stewart recipe { i chose to dip them in milk chocolate rather than the white chocolate the recipe calls for } that is very time consuming, tedious, delicate { and } quite frankly a pain in the ass to make.  but so worth it. 

be sure to use a good quality cocoa powder.




do yourself a favor – use starlight mints or small candy canes for crushing.  large candy canes are a big pain in the ass to unwrap.

the dough gets split into two discs { and } refrigerated, but is still very delicate.

prep your work surface before taking your dough out.

l i g h t l y  flour your work surface, but be careful because it can get sticky quick.

here’s where it gets interesting.  you roll the dough out to 1/8-inch { and } chill again.

you then cut out the circles { and } chill a third time.

since these cookies are to be crispy, it’s nice that you can make them ahead { and } dip in chocolate when ready.


dip into the chocolate of your choice.

dip { and } sprinkle with peppermint.


delicate to gift, I wrapped them individually in parchment { and } then put into bags.

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2 thoughts on “chocolate peppermint cookies.

  1. Nikki your cookies are gorgeous! Sounds like you had a cookie marathon at your house this year! I did a mini-marathon, and can totally relate to the mass quanties of ingredients, constant dish washing and cleaning up. LOL. Here here on the big candy canes…they tried every bit of my patience to unwrap. In fact I’m embarassed to say a piece of wrapper ended up in one of chocolate chip candy cookies this year. Whoops! Definitely taking your advice to go with the little ones next year.

    Your photos are amazing and you inspire me to get more creative with my photos. Hope 2011 is treating you well.

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