Custom military coins are specially minted coins that show the symbolof a military branch or unit. From its early function of identifying members of each squadron, military coins have evolved into so many meaningful uses.Coin passingthrough a secret handshake hasbecome one of the most cherished traditions throughout the military.

A military coin is often just one great deed away and there are practically so many ways for enlisted men and women to get “coined”.

The most common way to own a coin is by being issued a military coin by a unit commander for esprit-de-corps. Custom military coins promote team spirit and instil pride among members of a branch or unit. This type of military coin typically serves as a challenge coin for each member and creates alasting bond between the giver and the recipient, as well as among team members.

Military challenge coins are the type used in coin checks where members of a unit are challenged to show their unit’s coin or pay the consequence. Coin check rules vary among branches and units.

custom-military-coinsAirmen typically get their first military coin after completion of their basic military training. Graduating into a full-pledged member of the Air Force isone of the mostmemorable events in the life and career of each airman. Families and friends are commonly invited to witness this important occasion.

Military coins are also given to members of the Armed Forces who perform excellently according to the criteria set forth for the coin’s issuance. They may beissued for such achievements as exceptional uniform wear or participation in important events. Even volunteer civilians have been lucky recipients of military coins.

Some enlisted members report receiving military coins after attending trainings. Some get theirs during a promotion ceremony. Soldiers who serve overseas often receive military coins from high ranking officials to mark their heroic mission.Those who perished in a mission get theirs posthumously.

Custom military coins aren’t just for making each member feel that they are part of a team or an organization, they are great morale builders. Marking an excellent achievement with an appropriate coin is a meaningful way to honour a noble and selfless act.

High ranking officials and unit commanders are the ones who give out these coins through the traditional handshake pass which often catches the person who receives the coin in surprise. It’s always a moment of pride that will be treasured for life and a solid remembrance of an adventure that only those in the service will have the opportunity to experience.

Custom military coins are collected, treasured, and displayed. Each coin represents valuable memories. Some military coins bring back the glory, tears, pain, and scars of many battles fought, while some usher in recollections of joyful moments shared with the most loyal of friends. They are all part of a career in the service of a great country.

Many enlisted members prefer receiving military coins because they are as lasting as the achievement and memories they represent. They have become an indelible part of the military culture and many of those who haven’t received their military coin go out of their way and have one made while waiting for that first challenge coin.

Through the years, the military coin has undergone changes that reflect the value of the coin tradition. Today’s custom military coins are more than ever capable of depicting the uniqueness of the unit, the event, the giver, and the recipient. They can be designed and crafted in virtually any color, shape,material, and design that will best distinguish a unit and its members.