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On Deciding Which Misting Fan to Buy

Its summertime and people are starting to purchase misting fans so they can finally lounge in the patio without that paper fan on their hands or mow the garden in peace without that sweat beading down their backs. However, not everyone is aware that there are different types of such fans available in the market. When they go to their favourite appliance store and ask for such cooling systems, only right then and there do they discover that there exist many kinds of misting fans?

The big question: which one should they buy?

This article will help them know.

The Three Types

There are generally three types depending on pressure: low pressure, mid pressure and high pressure. In choosing a suitable fan, consider not only the budget, but also the main purpose of the fan among several other factors which will be laid down for everyone in this article.

Low Pressure

Mid-PressureThe first type is the low pressure misting fan. From the name itself, it the fan’s system is based on a low-pressure setting. It operates from within a bracket of 40-100 psi of water pressure.


The main advantage of a low pressure misting fan is the cost. Low pressure misting fans are the most inexpensive out of all the other types. For the tight-budgeted and the thrifty, it will do the trick well enough.


Because of the relatively low pressure, the water droplets may be felt by the surrounding people. In short, it can get people cool, if a little bit wet.

With these characteristics, low pressure fans are suitable for use in small pool parties, fishing piers, spas, or hot tubs where people won’t mind getting a little damp. But it can also be placed in patios, if the people won’t mind the feel of the mist spray. It is fine as long as it is for personal and home use or for covering limited areas.

Mid Pressure

Mid pressure misting fans basically just fall in between the low pressure and high pressure fans. It operates at moderately high pressures of 100-250 psi and creates a moderately fine mist.


For people with less-restrained budgets, mid pressure fans are a go go. It offers just the right effect for just the right price. It also provides better cooling effect than low pressure fans and has the capability to cool larger areas.


low-pressure-misting-fanWhile it doesn’t get you as wet as low pressure fans, it still lacks the pressure to completely vaporize every water droplet. It still causes residual moisture. It won’t get people wet, though.

Mid pressure fans are most suitable for patio and backyard misting, as it can generate a nice fog effect around the area. It can also be used in some large events like parties and gatherings with a comparatively larger crowd.

High Pressure

A high pressure misting fan is the ultimate misting system anyone can have. It operates with water pressures as high as 800-1200 psi and creates an extremely fine mist.


This is by far the most heavy-duty and effective misting fan. With an extremely high pressure, this misting fan can produce little to no residual moisture and provide coolness and comfort for over several hundred yards. People won’t feel the mist or the droplets at all with the instant evaporation of the infinitesimal water droplets. At this level, it can cause the surrounding air’s temperature to drop up to 25 to 35°F.


high-pressure-misting-fansOne word: expensive. It is just as costly as it is effective. Probably only those who are really willing to buy given its price are advised to do so since this fan tends to be quite demanding budget-wise.

The high pressure misting fan can be used for any kind of occasion, especially big ones. Large throngs of people such as those in bazaars, outdoor restaurants, amusement parks, event gatherings and the like can be accommodated by high pressure misting fans. It may not be suitable for personal and home use as it is too expensive.


For the normal person who just wants a cooler backyard and patio, the mid pressure misting fan would do well. As previously stated, it’s just the right effect at just the right price. But if a little tight on the budget, low pressure would be fine. If hosting a large event, high pressure would be advisable. That simple.Whatever it is, always consider the many, many pros and cons of each before finally deciding on which to buy. On-the-spot decisions will do no one any good.