There are various discount golf clubs that a golfer can choose from when playing the sport. The types usually differ according to the distance and loft. Sometimes, a golf club is specifically chosen to suit the capacity and skill of the player. Typically, a golf club set is composed of various types of golf clubs so that the golfer has one type for every specific shot that he or she would like to make. Golf clubs are normally printed with numbers. Lower digits signify clubs that are designed to hit farther distances.


When a player aims to hit a long distance, woods are the best choice. It can go as far as 200 to 400 yards, with proper technique. Hickory or persimmon was originally used to build the head of this club back in the day. At present, the heads are not authentic woods, but are made of a type of metal or alloy. The head of this type of club is usually rounded and large, designed to have a flat base to move smoothly over the floor on the onset of a shot. It often has a huge clubface, and has a lower degree of loft compared to other types. The 1-Wood type is lofted the least and is meant to deliver the longest distance. When on a tee, or when in the fairway, higher numbered clubs can be used since they are more lofted.


The iron type of club is typically used at a distance of 200 yards or less. Typically marked 1-9, the iron type has a higher level of loft compared to the woods. Irons marked 1 to 3 are called the long irons and the least lofted types. They make the farthest shots, compared to the 4-6 types, which are just used for 150 to 160 yard distance. 7-9 types are the shorter ones, and can put the ball in the air swiftly. Typical types are numbered 3 to 9 because the 1 and 2 types require some skills to master.


The hybrid type of golf club is a combination of an iron and wood type, which offers higher launch and longer distance. The head of this golf club resembles that of wood type, featuring a convex face. It’s also usually hollow like recent metal woods. This allows players to aim for a faster swing and high impulse blow. The club head of a hybrid is typically smaller than actual woods. These kinds of club normally replace low-numbered irons in a player’s set, often those numbered 3-4.


When a player aims to make the ball fly high up into the open air before landing on the surface, a wedge club is often used. This type of club is lofted quite higher compared to other variants. A pitching wedge, for instance, has a loft angle varying between 45-50 degrees, while a lob-type loft has a much wider angle at 64 degrees. Players often choose a pitched wedge when the strike reaches as far as 140 yards. The gap type of wedge permits a player to hit a full swing, for distance of about 110 yards. Sets of discount golf clubs normally include a pitching wedge, while the other types of wedge must be bought individually.


The most useful type of club is the putter. This is used to roll the golf ball along the grass onto the hole. They usually come in various sizes, but the general length is about 35 inches. When a golfer aims for a good putting stroke, the broomstick and belly putter are the optimal choices because of the height.

Discount-golf-clubsBuying discounted golf clubs is just the beginning since golf isn’t really an inexpensive sport to play. Apart from the equipment, the membership fees and green fees are usually quite high. Fortunately, there are many ways to buy high quality discount golf clubs – even for those with very limited budgets.

•After determining the best golf club for your skills, try searching for secondhand discount golf clubs that are still good as new. This way, you can get branded ones at a lower cost. There are also some online shops called Pro shops that promote the buying and selling of used golf clubs that are in good condition.

•Check out some reviews before finally buying your set of golf clubs. This way, you can cut down on costs that involve replacement and repair.

•Search for promos in online sports shops to get discounted golf clubs. Some promos cut the price by much as 50 to 70% while offering free shipping of the item. You can also try buying in bulk, so it might be best to ask some friends to buy with you to enjoy economies of scale.

Purchasing a brand new full golf club set can be very costly, especially for first time players. However, you don’t have to spend half of your salary just to invest in working golf clubs. While bearing in mind that superior equipment would never solve problems brought forth by bad technique, a simple upgrade can bring a remarkable difference in the performance.