There are companies that sell high-quality custom embroidered patches. If you want high-quality patches in bulk, look for one that sells them at a lower price. If, however, you only need one or a couple of patches either for yourself or for your loved ones and you want to personalize it, we can show you a how-to guide to make your own custom embroidered patches. These are very easy steps and will not take much of your time.

Custom-embroidered-patchesMake sure you follow the guide step by step. Go to a craft or fabric store and get everything you need to make custom embroidered patches. Then follow these steps and you’re good. For more details visit

You will need:

•    Pens. Either black or blue. There’s no need to buy colorful pens as you will be covering the outline with yarn or floss.

•    A pair of scissors. Go for a big scissor to make things easier for you.

•    Needles. Lot of needles in case you’ll need more.

•    A canvas or any woven fabric. Get this at a fabric store.

•    Floss. You can get different colors of embroidery floss at any craft store.

•    Embroidery Hoop. You can buy these at fabric stores. Choose a small one.

Okay, here’s how to make your own custom embroidered patches.

•    First, you need to determine what you really want to make. Do you want to make a patch with your own name on it? Or a favorite object? You could also look at magazines or the World Wide Web and look for an attractive photo for your patches.It depends on you. Once you’ve figured that out, you’re ready to start. Let’s do this!

•    As soon as you have the design in mind, next step is to cut a portion of the canvas that is bigger than your hoop. Then insert it in the hoop. When you insert it, remove the wooden circles and put the canvas in. Then put back the wooden circles of the hoop and pull the canvas from the back to let it hang. Make sure it is tight enough.

•    Grab your pen and start sketching. That will be your outline for the stitches. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect. That’s not the final product yet. You will be covering that with a floss or a yarn.

•    Once done, get the floss or yarn and start cutting. Make sure it’s enough to cover up the entire drawing or sketch. You may choose different colors for your sketch. The colorful, the better. If you’re stitching letters, it is best to have different colors for the yarn. Make sure the floss you cut would be enough to cover the entire letter.

•    Make your first stitch! Just go for the basic stitch. The rule for stitching is stick to the outline. Whatever you do, stick to the outline. Stick the needle from the back to the front. Then tie the end of the needle. Do this in reverse. Keep repeating until you cover up the entire outline or sketch. Choose brighter colors for the letters.

•    You may want to stitch a circle to the patch. It would make the patch more beautiful. Once done, take the canvas from the frame and cut it down to the size you prefer.

What do you think of your custom embroidered patch? Now you’re ready to put that in one of your clothes.

With only a few things at a craft store, you can do a lot of different patches so long as you have a design in mind. If you can’t find the time, well, just look for a company that sells them to ensure high-quality patches.